Story of the dog who suffered so much because of his face & the sudden that changed his life to happy life|| part 2

When Hulit entered, she found a mere shell of a dog: the Lab’s rib cage jutted out from beneath his blonde fur, Covered in fleas and infested with ear mites, Beaux’s health issues didn’t put off Hulit, who knew she’d be his last chance at a real home.

Hulit added I wanted him to have stability and a place he knew was his home,That is why I adopted him outright from the owner. Beaux Tox had already bounced around and I just wanted him to be a happy dog.”

When Hulit brought Beaux to the Animal Clinic, his chances of survival were even worse than she had imagined. Beaux tested positive for heartworms, a disease that over time permanently damages the organs, and he was far too weak to begin any type of treatment.

Dr. determined that the dog only had a 50-50 chance of survival, but Hulit had already made a secret pledge to save the dog’s life.
she said to the vet I don't care.