Story of the dog who suffered so much because of his face & the sudden that changed his life to happy life

Dog has perpetually pensive . His face hard to forget, deeply wrinkled forehead seems at odds with his wagging tail and very happy-go-lucky attitude.

“He just kind of got pushed out of the way, and formed how he formed,” Hulit noted, “but it has nothing to do with his intelligence.” An MRI confirmed that the head deformity did not affect his personality or his chances at living a long, healthy life, she said.

According to Hulit, This Dog has stood out since before he was born. With little room to grow in his mom’s womb due to his six brothers and sisters, he developed a sunken cranium and close-set eyes. 
Because of his facial deformity, the people who were breeding couldn’t sell him,” Hulit said. “So they gave him away for free.” A man who lived nearby in Austin, Texas, took in the odd little puppy, but when Beaux Tox, named Lucky at the time, didn’t get along with the man’s cats, he was banished to the backyard,

For five years, severely neglected by his owner, the gentle dog remained outside and all alone  without even a dog bed for comfort.

After spending his whole life in a small yard without any training or direction, Local rescue groups attempted to intervene and find Beaux a better situation,Beaux was returned to the man’s backyard again and again.

When Hulit went to meet this dog at the man’s home, she was unsure of what to expect.